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Have The Ability To Take Action, Have The Responsibility To Take Action!

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Conservation and Laboratory Wildlife and Forestry
Education for the Public and specifically for Youth, Educators, and Veterans
Opportunities in the Wilderness, Forest and Wildlife

For The Veterans We Serve

The Atlantis USA Foundation will bring in respected community leaders, popular sports figures, and other esteemed leaders to share their life experiences and provide future education and employment opportunities in the related fields across the Western United States.

About Us

The Atlantis USA Foundation, commonly known as the “Atlantis Stronghold” is a community of warriors, intellects, leaders and loyalists who are committed to using their strengths to make a difference in the world. These patriots, much like those who crossed the Delaware on that fateful Christmas Morning, nearly two and a half centuries ago are the last best hope to alter the course of the oncoming flood of cultural denigration consuming this blessed land.

There is great symbolism in the Atlantis emblem. Some are obvious, some subtle, and some hidden.

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